Close Up: Verify Your Connection to the Platform

The purpose of this test conversation guide is to test and demonstrate the process of logging into the Close Up platform.  
Round 1 (~5 minutes)

Verify your connection to the platform

Welcome to the Close Up conversation platform.  Use the scrollbar to the right to read the guidelines that follow.

By now, you've "allowed" your device's camera and microphone to access the platform, and you've entered your name and location.  On this screen, you should be able to see yourself in the video window to the right of this text.  If so, you're all set!  If you don't see your video image to the right, please do these two things:

  • First, refresh your browser window. Do you see yourself now?
  • Second, if you still don't see yourself, text (415) 309-0188 for quick assistance. Just text, "Help me connect!"
Now that you've verified your connection to the platform, simply close the browser tab.  See you soon!

The Close Up Team